Stillwaters Staff

Aimee Schulze, LCSW – Program Director – Aimee has been a licensed therapist for over 25 years. She has advanced expertise in trauma, anxiety, depression, and grief. As a therapist, she has been a part of school systems for many years and has experience with students who struggle due to academics, peer relationships, truancy, and a host of other issues that affect the school experience. Trained in suicidology, Aimee can complete risk assessments. She is Program Director of StillWaters and available to answer any questions one might have about therapy.

Rachelle Garren, LCSWA – Therapist – Rachelle’s specialty is treating children who have behavioral difficulties and/or trauma. She has advanced training in substance use and completed a practicum with substance use clients. She utilizes techniques involving play therapy for our youngest clients and cognitive behavioral therapy for most other clients. She can see children in the local schools, after school programs, and day cares. Rachelle has experience with serious mental illness in adults, offers weekend and evening appointments.

Samantha Davidson, LCSW, LCAS – Therapist – Sam has expertise treating children, adults, couples, and teens. She is certified to provide treatment to those with substance use disorders. She has advanced training in trauma and can provide treatment utilizing trauma focused cognitive behavioral therapy. Sam has extensive experience with complex mental health diagnosis and blended and non-traditional families. She can see children in the schools, after school programs, and day cares.

Caitlin Smith, LCSWA – Therapist – Caitlin has experience and expertise treating children, teens, and their families. She has years of experience working with those who struggle with addiction. Caitlin has the ability to see children in the schools, after school programs, and day cares. She can treat complex families utilizing her experiences gained through her years in community mental health. She offers evening appointments.

Stephanie Griggs, LCSW – Therapist – Stephanie’s background is in community mental health where she treated complex clients and their families. A certified Triple P trainer, she can implement the evidence-based parenting program into therapy sessions or teach classes. Stephanie treats children, teens, couples, individuals, and families. She has extensive experience with crisis mental health services, complex families, and serious mental illness. Stephanie can see students in school, day cares, or after school programs.

Alex Bonicelli, LCSWA – Therapist – Alex provides therapy services to children, individuals, and families. She specializes in grief, anxiety, and depression among other issues and concerns related to mental health. Alex has a flexible schedule and works with clients to make sure that they feel safe, respected, and supported.

Shameka Grimes, BSW, MA – HeartWorks Social Worker – Shameka provides ongoing social work services to the families and children attending HeartWorks. Following an evidence-based curriculum, One Circle, Shameka meets with children at HeartWorks providing education, social skills, and support. Primarily located at the HeartWorks building, Shameka is on-site to assist teachers, staff, families, and children.

Tamara Allen, Administrative Assistant – Tamara supports the therapists, clients, and makes the office run. She is the go-to for any question about billing, insurance, co-pays, or clinical paperwork. Tamara is glad to explain our services, take referrals, and assist with insurance information.

All StillWaters therapists can see clients in the office or through teletherapy utilizing secure web-based technology. Most therapists see students in the local schools, after school programs, or day cares. Schedules vary from therapist to therapist; however, evening and weekend appointments are available. Most insurances are accepted and through a generous grant from Pamlico County’s Juvenile Crime Prevention Council, most children who are involved with the criminal justice system can be seen and served without cost. Under insured or those with no insurance may be eligible for funding through Trillium Health Resources. Call StillWaters at 252-745-4510 with any questions about services or fees.

StillWaters is a program of HeartWorks, a nonprofit 501©(3) organization.