Fall Day Camp

Because of COVID-19 restrictions, HeartWorks is offering a no-cost morning program, 2020 Fall Day Camp, from 8am-noon each weekday except Wednesdays for K-8 students on their virtual learning days. Students are provided breakfast and lunch. Teachers will tutor, help with virtual learning, offer academics, and provide internet access and devices for those who don’t have these things at home.

This add-on program is designed to only last as long as COVID-19 makes virtual learning necessary. Because of COVID-19 precautions, our enrollment is restricted.

To safely enroll your students(s), we encourage you to complete each application electronically. If you cannot use electronic means, paper copies are available at the reception desk of our new classroom facility at 709 Main Street in Bayboro. In addition to the application, you will be required to provide a birth certificate for each child and a photo-copy of a current state-issued photo ID of at least one custodial parent or guardian.

Information on how to electronically complete the Fall Day Camp Application follows. You must have internet access. While a cell phone may work for this application, use of a computer or tablet is recommended.

1) Click on HeartWorks Fall Day Camp Application to access the application. If asked to download the app, click “X” in the right hand corner OR click “Continue in Browser” to continue.

2) Click the “Get Started” button.

3) Please read the “Electronic Record and Signature Disclosure” information. If you agree, click “Start”.

4) Please read the information on the “Welcome!” page. If you agree, click “Got it. I agree to use electronic records and signatures”.

5) Click on “Let’s Go”.

6) Application page 1 (of 12) should appear. After completing each page, move on to the next.

7) When the entire application is complete, click “DONE”. When ready to submit, at the “Are You Sure?” prompt, click “Yes. It’s Good to Go.”

8) On the “Thank you” screen, please click “SEND”. This allows us to access your child’s application.

For more information on HeartWorks 21st Century Community Learning Center Fall Day Camp or the application process, please call 252-671-5212, or email Tunmorya Bennett at tbennett@heartworksnc.org.